Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's been a while....

Lately, the days seem like they are flying by... I cannot believe that I am 24 1/2 weeks pregnant. It seriously amazes me that it is the middle of may and in 3 1/2 months our little guy will be here : ) It makes me soooo happy I cannot even stand it.

A few weeks ago Kyle broke his foot...oh what a joy this has been. Talk about being exhausted when you are pregnant. Let me tell you, it is 10x worse when you are doing EVERYTHING! Mowing the lawn, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, driving your hubby to work(most days)....no no no, I'm not trying to complain but geeez it is so much. Thankfully his foot is feeling much better and he even mowed the lawn on Sunday..it was so nice just to lay on the couch for one day. If doing a ton of extra work wasn't bad enough, I have caught the dreaded sinus infection and it is kicking my booty. I have no energy, my entire body hurts and all I want to do is sleep..but guess what....When I feel this little guy kick and move around, I seriously forget about all of the stuff that is going on and realize how truly blessed we are!

This weekend we have plans to finish painting the nursery and finish the dresser/changing table!!! I seriously cannot wait for those to be done so we can start putting more things in Rylan's room. It is all happening so fast...each week flys by..pretty soon we are going to be in August and I will reallllllllly be freaking out. I just cannot wait to see what this little guy looks like. Will he have my eyes or Kyle's eyes, who's nose, who's ears....eek I am so ready to see him!!

This was post was me just running my mouth but I hadn't posted in a while and I promised myself I would not let this slip haha

Can't wait to post pics of the nursery : )

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