Monday, April 16, 2012

On my mind....

Two posts in two days...this will not be a normal thing, but I just got to thinking....

A few things I absolutely cannot wait to do/have when I'm not pregnant anymore....

1. Hot Yoga: I am craving this! I have only gone a couple times before but I realllllllly loved it and I cannot wait to get back into it! I think it will be soooo relaxing after this little bebeh is out of this belly!

2. A BEER!!: I really am not a huge drinker at all, and I know it is crazy talk, but sometimes I just have a craving for beer..mostly Corona and I never was a big Corona drinker in the first place

3. Hot Tub at the cabin!!: I cannot wait to really be able to sit in there and enjoy the steaming hot water again...I'm over the bath already since I take one almost every night.haha

4. My boobs back!!!: ok ok ok..I've always had big ones but they are REALLLLLY too big now and I'm ready for them to not have a million veins visible on them haha TMI sorry : )

5. SLEEP!!: I know. I have to wait quite some time for this one...but what I really cannot wait for is being able to go to bed and sleep all night long without having to get up to pee because this is getting realllly annoying! kid seriously hates when my bladder is full. NO JOKE!!!

ps. my hubby has been in the garage ALL NIGHT LONG taking the paint and varnish off of an old 50's dresser that we are using for the little guys room! What a rockstar I married! He is so sweet and seriously takes care of everything for me! I couldn't imagine going through this with anyone else...Love you Kyle : )


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  1. haha love it.
    it's true.. when one is pregnant all you can think about is all the things you cant do that you can't wait to do /have again!
    for me.. all i want is to wear a sports bra and be able to breathe!!
    And what a nice Hubster! can't wait to see the after photo!